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Shopify Theme build for speed

Air Theme One is a lightweight shopify theme, which was build with speed in mind. But also to be versitile enought to do everything a modern webshop need to present

Blazing fast

  • Less than 30 KB javascript

    The theme ships with less than 30 KB in javascript, which even includes a product image slider

  • Top speed

    Speed is an important aspect now a days. Thanks to the tiny footprint and clean code, we make sure you start off as fast as possible.

  • Mobile first

    We are seeing a shift in user behaviour where more and more customer are coming from mobile, so it was built with the mobile first approach

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User friendly

  • Draggable components

    The theme comes with lots of draggable sections, see components here

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Built-in structured data for search engines.

Why Early Access?

We want to collaborate with our users, and did not want to wait for everything to be perfect before we released it. So if you have wishes for features then become part of the early access program, and we might develop what you need.

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