Air Theme One (Paid) - Version 0.5.0

By Kristian Primdal
An overview of what is new in Version 0.5.0

Air Theme One (Paid) - Version 0.4.0

By Kristian Primdal
Yet another version, with lots of new features. New Features Content fieldsĀ (for review sections) Terms Recommended Products Zoom Minor Improvem...

Air Theme One (Paid) - Version 0.3.0

By Kristian Primdal
Another version is ready and this time with a bit more features than last time, and a few bug fixes. This time with two new features.

Air Theme One (Paid) - Version 0.2.0

By Kristian Primdal
We want to continue to support our buyes of the theme, and while this is maybe a small released, it was a requested feature from some. So now the theme support Mega Menu

Air Theme One (Paid) - Version 0.1.0

By Kristian Primdal

We are so delighted to tell that version 0.1.0 of the paid version of Air Theme One is ready. Now we are still in Early access meaning the theme have still not reached it full potential yet, but we do have customers how are building their stores right now, and have started to use these new premium section it comes with.

Air Theme One (free) - Version 1.0.0

By Kristian Primdal

So we believe the version 1.0.0 is ready for release. It has been the foundation on a few store already.

The free version includes 16 customizable sections and can be edit in a lots of ways. It is also has predictive search and then not at least it is ultra fast.